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Gratitude - Radhanath SwamiAttitude of Gratitude: No.1 success factor in a marriage

Gratitude is to seek beyond the immediate circumstances that come upon us, and to actually seek the essence of that situation- Radhanath Swami

Gratitude, is a quality of the heart. Radhanath Swami says, “If we want true progress, we must develop this quality, especially in a husband-wife relationship, for it is one of the most important success factors in a marriage.” Without gratitude, even in the most favorable situation in our marriage, we cannot really progress. When we are ungrateful, even if we have the best companion, we start to complain and blame the other. Without gratitude, you cannot satisfy the heart. Because whatever you get, you feel you deserve better and you want something more. To seek the essence is real wisdom, and the essence of every situation is that we can feel and find a beautiful opportunity to grow—if we are grateful.

The universal principle of all spiritual paths and a very basic principle that Sri Bhagavad Gita teaches us is that we should be grateful for whatever God gives us. Radhanath Swami teaches us how to learn to feel grateful. He says when good things come our way, we should think,”I don’t deserve this, but I am so grateful.” Any little bit of kindness that a person shows us, we should be grateful. Any blessing we receive we should be grateful. And when difficulties, pain, or failures cross our paths, we must learn to be grateful for those as well. For we could learn and we could grow through that invaluable experience. Otherwise, we miss a precious chance. By learning to be grateful, we learn to come closer to our spouse and understand them better. Eventually, with a grateful heart, one can even come closer to God Himself. Thus, by nurturing the quality of Gratitude, we improve the qualities of our own lives & it enables us to overcome the obstacles that keep us from our progress.

– Mrs. Preethi Dhiman

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6 replies on “Gratitude”

An excellent article on how we can remain fixed in our vows in our married life and at the same time cultivate saintly qualities which helps us come closer to GOD !
Thank you very much Mataji !
All Glories to Srila Radhanath Swami Maharaj for providing us such wonderful facility to grow in all situations of life !
Hare Krishna !

Thank you for this enlightening article! Yes, gratitude is the one quality which could make a huge difference in our lives as we don’t expect more and then complain, rather we feel fortunate to receive whatever gifts god has given us.

Wonderful association of ideas. Being grateful to our spouse helps us eventually become grateful to the Lord.

Maharaj also says a grateful person has a happy heart; so if one wants to become happy and doesn’t know how, best is just to try to become grateful in every situation that God provides before us. Thank you for this wonderful article.

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