United We Stand

“In today’s ‘I’ society, everyone thinks in terms of ‘I’, ‘me’, and ‘mine’. But for people to be happy there has to be unity based on the understanding that everyone requires everyone else” — Radhanath Swami.

On the battlefield, every soldier is completely dependent on all his comrades. When there are thousands of people shooting guns and bombs at him, what can he do alone? His life, his survival, depends on all the others around him. At that time, he does not harbor petty feelings like “I do not like the color of his skin,” or “I do not like the things he eats,” or “I did not like what his wife said to me two years ago.” No. He understands that without the other, he will perish. On the frontlines, everyone is dependent on everyone else.

Similarly, this world is also like a battlefield staging the battles between the good and the evil, sin and piety, sentiments of the religious and the irreligious, love and sectarian hate. Our relationships are tested as the many situations of this world threaten them. At that time, it’s important to understand that we need each other to maintain and fortify our relationships. Without each other’s help and support, the relationship will perish. If we live by this understanding, then we will remain united and stop harboring petty thoughts about our spouse, and instead appreciate just how important our spouse is for us.
Strong relationships come from two things: (i) having each other’s association, and (ii) learning together the science of depending on a power beyond our own.