About Me

In my early 20s, I was a die-hard feminist and dreamt of breaking the glass-ceiling. I would often suggest my unsuspecting parents of not getting married..who had the time to think about marriage, anyways! But as they say, who are we to decide our fate!

I not only got into a wedlock, but soon the Damocles sword of giving up my decade long prized career, to join my husband, was hanging over me. Career or Family!

Preethi_photo8When I gave up my job to be with my husband, at the behest of my inner voice, opposing all the worldly forces (friends, family, colleagues, relatives & my own mind), I did not imagine the relief it would provide me! Being away from the stresses and strains of the dog-eat-dog world, it gave me an opportunity to realize my life’s higher goals & wake up to my heart’s calling. In my spiritual practice, I discovered the true me. I never looked back & I realized that such corporate life was really not my cup of tea!

I’ve been married for 15 years now and life has been a roller coaster ride, I must admit…but what is life without a little bit of adventure? Though I’m not a veteran, I have gone through my share of joys and pains, sacrifices and gains, love and hatred, turmoil and peace, as in every marriage you can say!

Equipped with my experiences, a flair for writing, a degree in behavior & counseling, and most of all an earnest to help those in need, I present to you my few thoughts!
Mrs.Preethi Dhiman