Love in marriage?

“In everyday life, our relationships with one another are practice for the divine relationships we will eventually experience. The quality of our interactions indicates how well we are preparing ourselves for association with the Supreme Lord.”(HH Bhaktitirtha Swami)Read More

Love in marriage?Scene 1: (morning)

Wife to husband: I am going to throw the rubbish, why are you still reading the newspaper? Arent you getting late for office? [I asked him to throw the rubbish, he simply doesnt care to help me!]

Husband: Is the breakfast ready? [Everyday I have to remind her that I have to leave office by 8.00am. I’m always reaching office late!]

Wife: Breakfast is there on the table. Please help yourself as I have to throw the rubbish now. [when I ask him to do some work, he immediately picks a reason to bash me up]

Husband: Cant you do that later and serve me breakfast instead? What is this, Upma again? [Aman always tells how nicely his wife serves him everyday]

Wife: Do you have anything else except complaints for me? [I am fed up. What happened to all the love he was proclaiming he had for me after our marriage?]

Husband: Look, don’t start off another duel of words early in the morning. My whole day gets spoilt. Its an important day for me at work. [I better leave now, before another war of words starts. I have to call Raman and ask him to check on the meeting preparations].

Wife: If work is the most important thing for you in your life, why did you marry me? [feels hurt & breaks down]

Husband: I dont have time for this now, I’m leaving! [angrily slams the door as he’s

Scene 2: (morning)

Wife to husband: Oh dear, will you please throw the rubbish. If I dont start making the dosas now, you’ll get late.

Husband: Sure dear..anything for you and your simply wonderful dosas!

Wife: [Smiles] Stop flattering me! oh! I forgot completely that its an important day for you at work today. You get ready dear and I will throw the rubbish later.

Husband: Thanks Uma. You are so understanding, it takes the pressure off me! I’ll come early this evening and let’s go for our long forgotten walk in the park, what say?

Wife: [All happy] Okey-dokey! Breakfast is ready!

Husband: I’m more ready!

[both share a good laugh]

The secret to happiness and love in marriage, Radhanath Swami says is when there is culture of service and appreciation. Srimad Bhagavatam identifies the major enemies that attack us from within and pit us against one another as lust, pride, envy, greed, sinful activities and vanity. By learning to subdue these enemies within ourselves, we become happy and peaceful in our marriage relationships, and indeed in all of our relationships. These enemies can gradually be subdued by spiritual practices, such as chanting the holy names of the Lord.

“In everyday life, our relationships with one another are practice for the divine relationships we will eventually experience. The quality of our interactions indicates how well we are preparing ourselves for association with the Supreme Lord.”(HH Bhaktitirtha Swami)


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Nice article with practical lesson to all of us.As HH.Radhanath Swamiji says, we must develop a quality of appreciating others.This will help us purify ourselves and will also increase level of co-operation with others.Very true for husband and wife.Thank you very much for sharing with us a nice article.

beautiful example. Thanks for sharing the spiritual insights by HH Radhanath Swami and HH Bhaktitirth Swami.

Its a nice example, and i observe that men have commented on it and liked it, but am i wrong or is it really that the wife’s behavior changes the whole scenes, so does that mean she is the culprit of the conflict and she has to be extra nice and understanding to get respect and care and love for that matter..?

culture of service and appreciation point highlighted very well. thank u very much.

Very practical tips about everyday issues and how best to handle them such that the very same issues become impetus for stronger bonding.

Thank you for telling us the way of communications plays one of the major roles in building loving relationships.

Thank you for sharing this interesting case study which really helps us understand how the culture of service and appreciation go a long way to make a relationship work.

Arjun K RamachandraThank you for this very hope giving atlrcie! The comparison of married life to a spiritual flight and the dangers of temporary illusory pleasures to hijackers is perfect!

Thank you for this inspiring article of how to behave with our spouses so that a good relationship will be made between husband and wife.

Maharaj has explained so well if we have service attitude then enemies like lust greed envy cannot attack us we are happy and blissful

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