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Remember the Mantra

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Remember the MantraBeneath the veneer of superficiality if we look, we will rightly understand the situations that come in our life—Radhanath Swami

When we marry our partner, we look forward to an exciting journey of togetherness. At first, we are able to see the other person’s love and care in his/her daily acts and we appreciate it. Every time we appreciate each other, love seems to grow and the happiness seems boundless.

But gradually, with passing time, this infatuation fades away and instead of counting the loving ways of our partner, we catch ourselves counting their intolerable faults and picking up fights based on it. What happened to that ‘exciting journey of togetherness’ that we had dreamt of?

Radhanath Swami says, “Beneath the veneer of superficiality if we look, we will rightly understand the situations that come in our life, especially the conflicts—we will know that they are meant to purify our existence.” In the Vedic marriage ceremony the mantra, “Om apavitra-pavitro-va sarva-vastam gato api va yah smaret pundarikaksham sah bhayabhyantara suchih.” is chanted. In essence, this reveals to us that the purpose of human life as well as the purpose of marriage is to purify our hearts and our existence. When we forget this as the purpose of marriage and see our partner as a mere instrument to satisfy our senses, trouble arises.

The Vedic principle suggests that one must see the spouse as a gift of God for purification from conditioned existence. When we rightly understand this purpose, we are better able to appreciate our partner and weave in happiness once again into the marriage.

 “dampatyoh kalaho nasti tatra srih svayam agatah”. When there are no fights between husband and wife, the goddess of fortune automatically comes to the home -Canakya Pandita


  1. July 26, 2011

    M Pandu Rangayya Shetty

    Purification is the purpose for any action in this world. One should not forget this, even marriage is for this purpose. Very nice. All glories to Radhanatha Swami.

  2. July 26, 2011


    So beautifully explained, it is amazing how great saints like Radhanath Swami see everything from eyes of shastras and therefore when they enlighten common people like us we find it so easy to understand. I hope i can always remember this point made by Swamiji that is to, remember the purpose of Human life and marriage is to purify our hearts and existence. Thank you for sharing.

  3. July 27, 2011


    Thanks to Radhanath Swami for this wonderful explanation of purpose of Marriage & how to deal with partner

  4. July 27, 2011

    Sumit Sharma

    So many nice instructions for grihasthas. If Lord Krishna is not the center of our society our family, there would certainly be lose connections in our relationships and these connections can be strong only if we take shelter of Him and His devotees.

  5. July 27, 2011


    The key is to rightly understand the purpose behind what we do. Wonderful article.

  6. July 27, 2011

    Sundar Ananda das

    so true; depicts “give more than you take”… all glories!

  7. July 27, 2011


    Very true. Sense gratification is the root cause of all problems and conflicts.
    All glories to Radhanath Swami for touching the heart of so many fortunate souls

  8. July 27, 2011


    Its amazing to see how 2 people are coming together in Spiritual Bonding

  9. July 29, 2011


    Beautiful article explaining so nicely how to maintain the sacred bonding in marriages. Thanks a lot for sharing.

  10. August 1, 2011


    Thanks for sharing, really stresses the importance of understanding the mantras we are repeating

  11. August 6, 2011


    we must always remember this golden rule.

  12. August 10, 2011


    So true… The married life can be more peaceful if we follow this simple formula. Maharaj has explained the secret of success in such a simple formula. Thank you for sharing.

  13. January 10, 2013

    Vidya Patham

    Thank you for bringing the focus back on what marriage is all about. It is great to read these enlightening articles on such practical issues.

  14. February 21, 2013

    Sada Nandini

    Thank you for this wonderful article explaining us to always try to appreciate our partner..

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