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Here I blend my personal experiences with relationships, with the wisdom of the Vedas.

Marriage Counselling


Here I share knowledge of parenting and teaching with the world.


The Journey Within

…The Journey Within is an intimate account of the steps to self awareness and a penetrating glimpse into the heart

About Me

In my early 20s, I was a die-hard feminist and dreamt of breaking the glass-ceiling. I would often suggest my unsuspecting parents of not getting married..who had the time to think about marriage, anyways! But as they say, who are we to decide our fate!

I not only got into a wedlock, but soon the Damocles sword of giving up my decade long prized career, to join my husband, was hanging over me. Career or Family!

Preethi_photo8When I gave up my job to be with my husband, at the behest of my inner voice, opposing all the worldly forces (friends, family, colleagues, relatives & my own mind), I did not imagine the relief it would provide me! Being away from the stresses and strains of the dog-eat-dog world, it gave me an opportunity to realize my life’s higher goals & wake up to my heart’s calling. In my spiritual practice, I discovered the true me. I never looked back & I realized that such corporate life was really not my cup of tea!

I’ve been married for 15 years now and life has been a roller coaster ride, I must admit…but what is life without a little bit of adventure? Though I’m not a veteran, I have gone through my share of joys and pains, sacrifices and gains, love and hatred, turmoil and peace, as in every marriage you can say!

Equipped with my experiences, a flair for writing, a degree in behavior & counseling, and most of all an earnest to help those in need, I present to you my few thoughts!
Mrs.Preethi Dhiman

3 Things you do in Married Life....


  • Weeds in the Garden

    The more weeding you do, the more beautiful your garden becomes. The more negativity you remove in married life, the more beautiful your relationship with your spouse becomes, and the more your family becomes united with God in the centre!
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  • Married Life

    Audio on Married Life

    I have never been married. As a Swami, I will never get married. So I don’t know so much about married life. But because so many married people come to me with their problems, I know too much about married life. Whenever people come to me it’s like they have such a unique secret problem that’s so much their own. But interestingly, almost everyone tells me the same thing…..

    –Radhanath Swami


  • Love in marriage?

    Scene 1: (morning)

    Wife to husband: I am going to throw the garbage… why are you still reading the newspaper? Arent you getting late for office? [I asked him to throw the rubbish, he simply doesnt care to help me!]